Business Concept

Provide Entertainment & Catering Services to groups (small/medium/large) with a Concept that maximizes the utilization of partnerships with first responders and local restaurants. The Business will become the backbone of the community driven activities the new reality (post-pandemic). Profit sharing with all partners will be key in the mutual success of this concept and the clientele. The Business plan will include donations to non-profit entities that support the needs of the underappreciated and somewhat overlooked first responder community, paying homage to our name Frontline Catering.

Mission Statement

While raising awareness of the importance of the First Responder Community (Firefighter, Police, EMT and many others), it is our goal to provide high quality entertainment and catering for the needs of local events (fundraisers, birthday celebrations, corporate outings among others). Employing off duty first responders and working with local businesses to provide their food in a Catering menu directly to the events we hope to maximize our exposure and awareness of a group that has worked selflessly and cared for our communities and will continue to do so for years to come.